Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

When planning for the future of your loved ones, it’s necessary to make sure all the details are carefully planned.  While creating a will, a trust, or planning an estate is probably the last thing you want to want to think about, planning for it now will ensure that your family will be taken care of down the road.  If something happens to you before you complete these, then your family will be left to sort out all the details on their own in court.  Do not let that happen.  Let our trusted estate planning attorneys in St. George, Utah guide you through the process.
As we are located directly in St. George, Utah, we make it easy for you to write a will, create a trust, and plan your estate.

We will give you highly qualified advice as you do so.  We are qualified to help you:
•    Understand the differences between a will and a trust
o    Examine the advantages/disadvantages of each
o    Advise on which would be better suited to your case
o    Create a will and set up a trust
•    Set up Power of Attorney
•    Carry out your will after you are gone
•    Provide peace of mind to you and your family

Don’t let the fear of legal issues keep you from protecting your family after you have gone.  Call the most experienced estate planning attorney St. George, Utah has available today and let us help you start planning for your family’s future.