To ensure that your rights are fully protected, it is essential that the attorney you hire fully understands the intricacies and nuances of the laws, rules, and procedures that might affect your claims and defenses.

Divorce and Family Law

Family disagreements are hard enough to manage. Let Thompson, Randall & Mellen worry about the legalities.  Our St. George, Utah team want to find the best possible solution for any family crisis you may be dealing with.  We understand the complexities that surround family law and how difficult litigation can be for families.  In order to avoid Court, we also offer Mediation services that can be easier on families facing disputes.  We will work to make sure you understand all your rights regarding family law and we will make sure to see your case through to the very end.

 We are a full-service Law firm and are qualified in several family law areas, including:

Divorce and Legal Separation
Child Custody
Child Support
Visitation Rights
Parental Rights
Grandparents Rights
Prenuptial agreements
Domestic Violence
and many others

Do not let yourself be forced into signing agreements that you do not understand.  Call us at our St. George office and let us advise you on the best course of action for your family.  Family Law disputes are difficult. Let us help ease the burden that inherently comes with these disputes.