Landlord and Tenant

Having problems with a tenant or with your landlord in St. George, Utah?  Let us help you resolve those issues.  We represent both landlords and tenants in resolving any legal issues that arise with real property leasing. When these issues arise, we want you to be prepared for anything that may happen. It’s also important to make sure that you do not get lost in trying to understand the law regarding landlords and tenants. Let us help. We will do all that we can to make sure that your disputes are solved before they explode into legal proceedings.    

Some examples of things we can do include:
•    Negotiate and draft lease agreements
•    Protect against premature eviction
•    Advise on how bankruptcy affects lease agreements (tenant or landlord)
•    Advise on Utah’s Unlawful Detainer Act notices
•    Advise on evictions based on:
o    Nonpayment
o    Failure to meet lease agreements
o    Lease expirations
•    Filing Collection actions
•    Sending notices to tenants
•    Provide an intermediary between landlord and tenant

We employ only the best landlord lawyers St. George, Utah has to offer. Each of our attorneys understand how important it is to make sure everyone knows what their rights are when it comes to renting and leasing property.  As we are located in St. George, Utah, we are in a convenient location to help you solve any issues you may face in regards to landlord/tenant law.